Custom Job Calculator

The following tool is used to calculate the cost of a custom job you're interested in purchasing.
Note: This tool is just a calculator and does not submit a request for a custom job. When purchasing your custom job, add the calculated number of credits to your account and purchase the custom job for 2000 credits. Once purchased, send your configuration to Lunavis on Discord and it will be created and the credits deducted.

Option Value
Player Model
You can use one of the default models listed here or one from the workshop.
Job Classes
Your role can be considered the same as one of another role. Indicate how many extra roles you want added here.
Premium SWEPs
Optional SWEPs that cost extra

Number of Weapons
2 are included with the regular price
Number of players able to access
If you want any specific players to be able to join this role, you can specify the number here
Total Cost 2000 Credits

Banned Weapons List

The following weapons cannot be added as a custom weapon to your class.

Weapon Name
Spas 12
Double Barrel
Winchester Carbine
Barret 82
Dragunov SVU
SVD Dragunov